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How can I say “I look forward to” in Italian?

Posted by Monica on July 15, 2013

Hi, I can’t wait to going on holiday …    Pieve

I look/I’m looking forward to

In Italian we say: “Non vedo l’ora” … di andare in vacanza (DI + infinito) or  che tu arrivi (CHE + congiuntivo)

Yes,  “Non vedo l’ora” = literally “I can’t see the hour”

images non vedo



  • Non vedo l’ora di incontrarti
  • Non vedo l’ora di partire
  • Non vedo l’ora di abbracciarti


  • Non vedo l’ora che tu arrivi
  • Non vedo l’ora che arrivino le vacanze
  • Non vedo l’ora che voi veniate in Italia 😉

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What does “fare ponte” mean? – Italian expression

Posted by Monica on April 25, 2013

What does “fare il ponte” mean?  What is the “ponte del 25 aprile”?

I like “fare ponte” and you? Fare ponte, literally to make the bridge,Roma_ponte

is when we take an extra day off creating a long weekend 🙂

Usually we make a four day holiday by taking off the in between Monday or Friday.

For example today is April 25, the public holiday “Festa della Liberazione” (Liberation Day), so in addition to the national holidays,  since today  falls on Thursday, many people are taking Friday off to have a 4 day weekend.  The Public Italian schools too.

Io farò ponte, quindi tornerò a lavorare solo lunedì prossimo. Non così male, no?  😉

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learn Italian and learn what to say when …

Posted by Monica Corrias on January 11, 2009



What to say in Italian when a friend loses her/his job?



We usually say “quando si chiude una porta si apre un portone” = “When one door closes, one gate opens” or, like in English,


quando si chiude una porta se ne apre un’altra” = “When one door closes, another opens”!



But you could also traslate your English expression “every crisis is an opportunity” into “ogni crisi porta delle opportunità“!







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