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Archive for the ‘Rome’ Category

Musei aperti il sabato sera

Posted by Monica on June 25, 2011

Estate nei Musei  – 25 Giugno – 30 Settembre 2011

  . Apertura serale estiva dei musei comunali il sabato sera – eventi e spettacoli negli spazi museali   dal 25 giugno al 3 settembre 2011, tutti i sabato dalle 20.00 all’1.00 (ultimo ingresso alle 24.00) saranno aperti al pubblico con ingresso a pagamento, tutti i musei comunali, ad eccezione del Museo delle Mura, della Villa di Massenzio e della Casa Museo Alberto Moravia.

Per tutta l’estate gli spazi museali di Roma, con le mostre permanenti e temporanee ospitate, saranno eccezionalmente aperti al pubblico ogni sabato sera fino al 3 settembre, dalle ore 20 all’1.00 (ultimo ingresso a mezzanotte).

Sono 19 i musei coinvolti:  Musei Capitolini, Centrale Montemartini, Mercati di Traiano, Museo dell’Ara Pacis, Museo di Roma Palazzo Braschi, Museo di Rom a in Trastevere, Museo Napoleonico, Museo Barracco, Musei di Villa Torlonia (Casino Nobile, Casina delle Civette, Casino dei Principi), Museo Pietro Canonica, Museo Carlo Bilotti, Macro Via Nizza, Macro Testaccio, Museo della Civiltà Romana, Planetario, Museo Civico di Zoologia, Museo della Repubblica Romana e della Memoria Garibaldina.

Per maggiori informazioni
060608 tutti i giorni 9.00-21.00

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A new text with Italian passato prossimo

Posted by Monica on March 27, 2011

Italian “Passato prossimo” is one of the tense of the past that we use when we talk about actions, events and facts which happened in the past. Learn more on Italian classes …

fontana di Trevi


I wrote a text about movies and Rome where I used the Italian passato prossimo.

[Ho inserito una piccola scheda su Roma e il cinema e ho scelto di usare il passato prossimo per rendere più facile a tutti -anche a chi studia italiano da poco tempo- questa lettura, ma per gli studenti che hanno un livello B2 l’esercizio consiste nel trasformare il “passato prossimo” in “passato remoto”]
But, if you prefer to listen to a song, see here (Vasco) or here (Jovanotti/Lorenzo)

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learn Italian with proverbs

Posted by Monica on January 10, 2011

learn Italian language in Rome – Italian instruction – tutor online
Do you remember the article I posted some time ago? It’s a good proverb to start the 2011 in Italy!

– Tutte le strade portano a Roma 😉
– All roads lead to Rome
– Todos los caminos llevan a Roma
– Alle Wege führen nach Rom / Alle Straßen führen zum Bahnhof (= stazione)

Inserito originariamente da Italian Photo Album

and remember a good proverb right for all students:
– Chi semina, raccoglie
– As you sow, so you shall reap
– Man erntet, was man sät

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Summer holiday in Italy enjoying Rome

Posted by Monica on August 8, 2010

Hi everyone, how are you?

I have come back 🙂  and you?  Are you spending your summer holiday in Rome learning Italian?

As you know, all around the year wandering in Rome is a constant voyage of discovery, but Rome in summer is wonderful: Roman citizens and tourists from all over the world can enjoy the famous summer festival in Rome called “Estate Romana” (= Roman Summer). It is not a real festival but rather a combination of multiple festivals with some running well into September.

Maybe you don’t know the Rome’s official web site where you could find piece of information about Rome events.

Here is it:  http://www.romaturismo.it/

If you can understand Italian I suggest “Wine and food Film festival”: a good chance to listen to Italian and to practice it before the film


But the “Roman Summer” is not only culture. It is also fitness:
“Mondofitness” -World Fitness
From 09/06/2010 to 16/09/2010

An exciting 30,000 sq.m. open-air gym with top instructors and ultra-modern equipment:   http://www.mondofitness-roma.it/

For further information about Rome  http://www.060608.it/en

In the next post I am going to teach you Italian 🙂

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more Italian language expressions to have fun

Posted by Monica Corrias on March 7, 2010

If you need an experienced Italian language teacher email me! I’m available for Italian tuition in Rome.


Today you can find out 4 new Italian language expressions to improve your Italian easy and fun:












Complete these sentences with the words above:

Mi ha colto di sorpresa e così non ho saputo che dirgli: sono rimasta lì a bocca aperta, immobile come un __________

Quando ho una difficoltà vado da Luca: è veramente un pezzo di ___________: è il ragazzo più buono e generoso che io conosca! 

Non ne posso più! Ogni volta che vado da qualche parte lo trovo: è come il ______________ !

Il tuo arrivo è stato perfetto, proprio come il _________  sui maccheroni. 


For more expressions click here:

 Expressions – number 1

Expressions – number 2 .

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Do you need to learn Italian?

Posted by Monica Corrias on February 28, 2010

Are you planning to go to Italy? Do you like to learn Italian in Rome? Or do you love learning Italian overseas, but unfortunately you  don’t have the opportunity to spend an amount of time abroad?

Maybe I can help you!

If you really love to learn Italian, you have to know the main thing: you need an Italian teacher with “know how” and experience.  I teach on line, but unfortunately I know that on line lessons are no substitute for someone to talk and listen to you, because you need to speak with a native speaker in a natural way. As you probably know, I  teach in an Italian language school in Rome specialized in teaching Italian to foreigners and also I’m used teaching as freelance (at my home or walking around Rome, one of the most beautiful and ancient cities around the world). When I teach the lessons I’m used to speaking Italian with my students and we talk about things students are interested in and also we like to joke, therefore the lessons are fun and easy.

I use the Italian language to communicate with my students and vice versa because this forces the students to be resourceful to understand what I tell them. The purpose is to communicate, not just to do an academic exercise, so the students can improve them vocabulary and comprehension and it works for sure!

As you know I have created this blog to help students who cannot go to Italy, to enjoy their learning of Italian language online, so now I’ll give you some tips and links:

First of all, I suggest that you spend some time every day listening to Italian songs or podcast or videos to improve your listening skills and your confidence in Italian language. I am sure: slowly but definitely, your confidence will grow up.

Be quiet and do not  be distracted by only one part of the meaning (and therefore miss the important part): you have to try to understand the general meaning (and guess the other section).

In addition to this, when you are studying Italian avoid the temptation to make absolute comparisons to English or other different languages.

Look at these links:




Italian classes

Wordreference (thousands more terms that are not included in the main dictionary can be found in the WordReference Italian-English forum questions and answers. If you still can not find a term, then you can ask in the forums where many native English and Italian speakers from around the world love assisting others to find the right translation)

Youtube Italia

But remember: the main focus is “to practise“!

If you need an experienced Italian language teacher email me!

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The Week of Culture 2009

Posted by Monica on April 16, 2009

Finalmente abbiamo le date:   April 18th – April 26th!

settimanadellacultura2009Next week will start the

“Settimana della Cultura 2009″ : as every year, the Week of Culture organised by the Italian Ministry of Culture is coming with a lot of free events in Rome and in all Italy. Not only country’s state museums and archaeological sites, but also architecture, cinema, music, painting and sculpture are for free for everyone.

Look at the official web site

You can phone to + 39 06 06 06, that is a multilanguage service or + 39 066723.2635 .2390 .2851



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Italian reflexive verbs: chiedere o chiedersi?

Posted by Monica Corrias on March 23, 2009


As you know, reflexive verbs (look at the lesson) have the same conjugations as verbs ending in -are, -ere, -ire, but we have to put a reflexive pronoun before the verb. Generally the pronoun means “myself, yourself …”.

Usually, Italian pair reflexive/un-reflexive verbs (e.g. chiamare/chiamarsi); English corresponds (e.g. to call/to call oneself), so in Italian as in English we use only one verb. However there is a special situation: the verb “to ask” along with the verb “to wonder” is the Italian pair “chiedere/chiedersi”. If you use the verb “to ask” we use “chiedere” but if you say “to wonder” we say “chiedersi” (the reflexive of to ask).

e.g. Lui si sta ancora chiedendo come ciò è/sia potuto accadere = he’s still wondering how that could have happened

Mi chiedo se è/sia malata = I wonder whether she is ill

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learn Italian and learn what to say when …

Posted by Monica Corrias on January 11, 2009



What to say in Italian when a friend loses her/his job?



We usually say “quando si chiude una porta si apre un portone” = “When one door closes, one gate opens” or, like in English,


quando si chiude una porta se ne apre un’altra” = “When one door closes, another opens”!



But you could also traslate your English expression “every crisis is an opportunity” into “ogni crisi porta delle opportunità“!







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Exhibitions in Rome

Posted by Monica on November 28, 2008

Hi, if you are in Rome, you have to know that the city’s museums will stay open late during the Christmas holidays.

De Chirico


Venues participating in the initiative are: Musei Capitolini, Centrale Montemartini, Mercati di Traiano, Museo dell’Ara Pacis, Museo Barracco, Museo della Civiltà Romana, Museo delle Mura, Villa di Massenzio, Museo di Roma, Museo Napoleonico, MACRO, Museo Carlo Bilotti, Museo Pietro Canonica, Museo di Roma in Trastevere, Musei di Villa Torlonia, Planetario e Museo Astronomico, Museo Civico di Zoologia

.I  recommend you to see “De Chirico e il museo” = “De Chirico and the museum” , until 25 Jan 2009 at GNAM – Galleria Nazionale d’Arte Moderna.

This exhibition is a De Chirico’s retrospective and if you like metaphysical painting, you can’t miss this one.

And until 22 February 2009, at the Musem of the Ara Pacis in Rome is hosting an important exhibition dedicated entirely to versatile Milanese artist – a sculptor, illustrator, graphic artist and industrial designer – Bruno Munari [more]


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