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Italian for beginners (but not only)

Posted by Monica Corrias on November 4, 2007

As you know, I like to teach Italian.

Two days ago Julie, an ex-student of mine, asked me what my goal was in teaching Italian on line (for free).
I teach Italian every day and I like my job very much. I think internet is a perfect way to share “know how” and information.
In every University or Italian language school, teachers speak Italian and I as well teach in Italian 🙂 We teach you in Italian because it is very useful and it works.
I use the “communicative” approach with an analysis of grammatical structures and the language of daily life: I give student information about language used in everyday situations to enjoy Italian life. But I can sense the initial student’s frustration at not being able to understand and speak Italian quickly.
I dislike such frustration. My goal is to improve your ability in Italian grammar and also your skills to listen to Italian with more confidence. Also, I think that you need basic skill from which you can then develop fast and well, and I can help you on line to reach this. So if you are moving to Italy to study Italian, I recommend that you start learning Italian now.
Of course, to improve your speaking skills you need an everyday amusing course in Italy or to speak with an Italian friend or teacher in your country.
Anyway, you can find the first little vocabulary (only 25 basic words) + the second part (50 words) on the page “Italian classes” where I usually write all the little lessons that I think for all of you.

Chiedo scusa per l’inglese (troppo e pessimo) a tutti gli studenti che sgrido ogni volta che non parlano in italiano.
Spero mi giustificherete 😉


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