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Learn Italian: pasta with pesto and Italian imperative mood

Posted by Monica Corrias on June 16, 2007

Paese che vai, usanza che trovi!

(= literally, wherever you go, you will find different customs = Where you go, follow the customs you find)
[= When in Rome, do as Romans do] therefore when I lived near (= vicino a ) Genova, I used to eat “Trenette” (long pasta similar to little fettuccine), or “Trofie“( a typical short hand made pasta) with pesto.

Here is the recipe of traditional Genovese Pesto sauce = Pesto alla genovese

[Be careful, in Italian language, when we give directions we can use the imperative mood or the infinitive mood. In “Pesto” recipe I used the “imperative” and some “personal pronouns – object”, as the italian people use in recipes. Mind, object pronouns replace the object and take the place of the noun, generally before the verbs, but after the verb in the infinitive or in the imperative]

and here is the lesson on Italian imperative mood. + an amusing text

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