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Learn Italian: 3 songs to listen to the correct pronunciation

Posted by Monica Corrias on June 11, 2007

Hi, would you like to listen to the sound of Italian speech?
Here are some links to Italian songs. These sharing songs are very special because the pronunciation of lyrics is very similar to the pronunciation of every day speech.
I suggest you to listen to the songs while you read the lyrics. Do not use the translation, please.
The artists are:
Jovanotti: “Mi fido di te” (“I trust you”) + lyrics, a song in present tense (Italian “presente”).

Simone Cristicchi: “Studentessa universitaria” (“University girl-student”) + lyrics, a song in “present tense” and “imperfect tense”(Italian “presente” e “imperfetto”) . The singer won the last “Festival di Sanremo”.

Fabrizio Moro: “Pensa!” (“Think!”) + lyrics , a song in Italian “passato prossimo”, “present tense”(Italian “presente”) and “imperative mood”. This is a song against “mafia” that won the last “Sanremo giovani”.

Buon ascolto e buono studio (enjoy Italian music)

One Response to “Learn Italian: 3 songs to listen to the correct pronunciation”

  1. hadouta said

    ciao! I’m from Egypt and trying to learn Italian. I immediately thought about listening to Italian songs because this is how I managed to tune my French. Grazie mille for this post 🙂

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