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Archive for the ‘Recipes’ Category

Italian expressions and food

Posted by Monica on January 31, 2010

Italian language teacher with many years of experience here for your Italian lessons: one to one lessons or groups

Come ben sapete il cibo in Italia (e non solo) è parte integrante della cultura. Oggi voglio mettere alla prova la vostra conoscenza di cinque espressioni tipiche della lingua parlata che sono legate al cibo.

 Scegliete l’alimento da inserire segli spazi bianchi:













A) Quel film è proprio una ________________ : non ho mai visto qualcosa di così noioso.

B) Luca si è vergognato di quello che ha detto ed è diventato rosso come un ____________ .

C) Mi ha scaricato questa ____________ bollente e così ora devo risolverlo io il problema!

D) Ieri sono andata al mare, ma mi sono scottata perché ero bianca come una ___________ .

E) La settimana scorsa ho fatto l’esame e ho copiato perché non avevo studiato, ma per fortuna è andato tutto liscio come __________ : non se n’è accorto nessuno!

[Cliccate qui per la soluzione]

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Italian tiramisù: a tipical Italian dessert

Posted by Monica on May 4, 2008

Last week Susan, a student of mine who lives here in Rome, made a “tiramisù”, so I have realized that you don’t have my tiramisù recipe.

I wrote for you the recipes (in Italian and in English). In Italian I wrote it in second person (= you singular), but I also used imperative, pronouns and a subjuntive, so you can practise a little bit of Italian.

The recipe is on “Italian recipes” page, try it and enjoy it!

Take care 😉

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Italian conversation course

Posted by Monica Corrias on December 2, 2007

A student of mine asked me for some phrases to speak to italian girls and women. I told him to buy a book about that 😉

but I’ll try to help you in daily conversation.

I posted a little vocabulary about Italian food and cooking  (click here),

Then I wrote to you some sentences that you might say or hear when you have a dinner with Italians  click here and read the rest of this entry

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Learn Italian language and eat carbonara spaghetti

Posted by Monica Corrias on August 12, 2007

How are you today? Ciao, come state oggi?
How is your Italian language?
I know, you would not have to study only grammar but speak and live Italian, but since you do not live or study in Italy you have a few time to practice the language, therefore learning some basic grammatical structures speeds up the rate at which you improve your Italian.
It is extremely useful for you now to keep your Italian fresh by continuing to study it as well as use it.
I am sure your Italian skills will improve more if you have time to review and make note for it. But if you have got the time, why don’t make a good “Carbonara” pasta and study Italian grammar too?

(In Italian language, when we speak in general or we give direction we can use the infinitive or the imperative mood, but also we can use the Impersonal form, so here I used the Impersonal form)

You could even listen to Italian songs (new links are on page “classes”)
It is a very useful and good way to learn and practice Italian!

Take care, ciao e buon appetito

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Learn Italian: pasta with pesto and Italian imperative mood

Posted by Monica Corrias on June 16, 2007

Paese che vai, usanza che trovi!

(= literally, wherever you go, you will find different customs = Where you go, follow the customs you find)
[= When in Rome, do as Romans do] therefore when I lived near (= vicino a ) Genova, I used to eat “Trenette” (long pasta similar to little fettuccine), or “Trofie“( a typical short hand made pasta) with pesto.

Here is the recipe of traditional Genovese Pesto sauce = Pesto alla genovese

[Be careful, in Italian language, when we give directions we can use the imperative mood or the infinitive mood. In “Pesto” recipe I used the “imperative” and some “personal pronouns – object”, as the italian people use in recipes. Mind, object pronouns replace the object and take the place of the noun, generally before the verbs, but after the verb in the infinitive or in the imperative]

and here is the lesson on Italian imperative mood. + an amusing text

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Spaghetti alla Puttanesca e decimal system

Posted by Monica Corrias on May 26, 2007

Ti ( = you singular) piace la pasta? = Do you like pasta?
Ti ( = you singular) piacciono gli spaghetti? = Do you like spaghetti?

Spaghetti alla Puttanesca (Below you can find an english translation)

and decimal system and Italian verb “Piacere”:

We use only decimal system, therefore we cannot understand a different system. In Italy, if you like to buy something to eat or to drink, you have to use these words:
Read the rest of this entry »

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Eggplant Parmigiana and object pronouns

Posted by Monica Corrias on May 1, 2007

Hi, in Rome today is a perfect day to make a pick-nick. A typical Italian recipes is eggplant Parmigiana.The recipe is now on line and you can read it in English and Italian, so you can learn Italian language (and object pronouns) and Italian cooking.Have a great day! (Buona giornata!)… and remember the Italian proverb: “L’appetito vien mangiando!” (Appetite comes with eating)

If you need an experienced Italian language teacher email me! I’m available for Italian instruction in Rome.

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Learning italian recipes

Posted by Monica Corrias on March 21, 2007

Learning Italian means learnig italian culture too and Italy has a great cooking tradition (food and cooking in Italy are a part of society!), so I’d like to share with you some example of that.

You’ll notice that can be a good way to improve your Italian … and “Pasta alla Norma” is very delicious.

Enjoy a tipical sicilian dish in the new page, called “italian recipes”. And “buon appetito!”… more

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