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How to use Italian pronouns

Posted by Monica Corrias on November 28, 2007

How are you today? (= Come stai/state, oggi?)

Are you having problems with Italian pronouns?

I can help you in learning some grammatical structures. I posted a list where you can find some verbs with different type of pronouns (so you can see how do they work).
Make notes of new and old grammar points: the most important thing is to keep your Italian fresh by continuing to study it as well as use it.
I am sure your Italian will improve more if you have time to review each grammar information, to listen to Italian songs and to speak with Italians in your country.

Most important: you have to practice the language in Italy if really you wish to speak Italian as the Italians do.

Italy is a gorgeous nation and you can speak Italian everywhere: we like to chat! 🙂

One Response to “How to use Italian pronouns”

  1. Valentino said

    Brava monica, bella iniziativa!

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