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Italian conversation course

Posted by Monica Corrias on December 2, 2007

A student of mine asked me for some phrases to speak to italian girls and women. I told him to buy a book about that 😉

but I’ll try to help you in daily conversation.

I posted a little vocabulary about Italian food and cooking  (click here),

Then I wrote to you some sentences that you might say or hear when you have a dinner with Italians  click here and read the rest of this entry

One Response to “Italian conversation course”

  1. Sabine said

    Ciao Monica, come stai? Mi piace tua lezione con il vocabolario di cucina, ma perche non srivi in deutsch? 😉 Mi ricordo la lezione con vino rosso e studento del Canada e Americani.
    Molto buona, facile parlare con 2 bicchieri di vino. Prosit 🙂

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