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Italian preposition: DI

Posted by Monica on March 24, 2010

elementary Italian level

The Italian preposition “DI “ (=of) have different meanings:


Space/Place: indicates the origin and we usually use it with the verb “to be”= “essere” — Sono DI Monza = I am from Monza (You have to say the name of the town)

Specifying/Possessive : Questo è il  libro DI Paolo = This  is Paolo’s book;  Luca è il figlio DI Maria = Luca is Maria’s son

Material/Contenent: Un maglione DI cashmere = A cashmere sweater/ A sweater of cashmere ; Una bicchiere DI vino = A glass of wine

Partitive: indicates a part or an indefinite quantity (prepositions + definite article): — Uno DI noi = one of us ; DEI bambini= some children; DEGLI studenti= some students; Vorrei DEL pane = I’d like some bread

Conparison: Maria è più alta DI me = Maria is taller than me

In combination with some verbs: “Finisco DI” Non hai ancora finito DI leggere quell libro? = Have you finished reading that book yet?

Click to do the exercise


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Learning Italian through songs

Posted by Monica on March 14, 2010

Jovanotti’s song “Baciami ancora“: Karaoke and official video


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more Italian language expressions to have fun

Posted by Monica Corrias on March 7, 2010

If you need an experienced Italian language teacher email me! I’m available for Italian tuition in Rome.


Today you can find out 4 new Italian language expressions to improve your Italian easy and fun:












Complete these sentences with the words above:

Mi ha colto di sorpresa e così non ho saputo che dirgli: sono rimasta lì a bocca aperta, immobile come un __________

Quando ho una difficoltà vado da Luca: è veramente un pezzo di ___________: è il ragazzo più buono e generoso che io conosca! 

Non ne posso più! Ogni volta che vado da qualche parte lo trovo: è come il ______________ !

Il tuo arrivo è stato perfetto, proprio come il _________  sui maccheroni. 


For more expressions click here:

 Expressions – number 1

Expressions – number 2 .

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a new Italian song to learn Italian

Posted by Monica Corrias on March 5, 2010

This song is one of the most downloaded Italian songs on iTune.

Enjoy Italian music!

or better:

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Some Italian expressions to learn Italian

Posted by Monica Corrias on February 21, 2010

Some new Italian expressions to learn Italian easy, quickly and fun, teach by an experienced Italian language teacher.

Complete the sentences with one of the pics:

pasta frolla












– Luca è impazzito: è totalmente fuori di ________ !

– Oggi Laura ha i capelli  dritti come  ______ : non glieli ho mai visti così lisci!

– Quell’uomo è una testa di _________ : non capisce niente!

-Paolo ha le mani di __________ : tutto quello che prende in mano gli cade!

-Quel bambino è veramente brutto: poverino, non mai visto un bambino con una testa a _________ così!

[Per le soluzioni cliccate qui]

.If you need an experienced Italian language teacher email me!

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Meanings of Italian “CI”

Posted by Monica Corrias on June 4, 2009

Italian language teacher with many years of experience here for your Italian lesson


Some students have a lot of trouble  with the Italian “CI” because it has several different meanings.

The most common meaning of “CI” is the adverb of place  = “There”,  do you remember “c’è” and “ci sono”= “There is” and “there are”?  (also we use it to avoid repeating the name of a place which we have already mentioned). 

Besides “CI” is a personal pronoun and it can be a reflexive, a direct object or an indirect object pronoun.

In everyday speech the “CI” is often used with the verb “avere” and means possession.  Generally we used it to reply:

Hai una sigaretta? (or, very informal language, “ c’hai una sigaretta?”) –>  Do you have a cigarette?/ Have you got a cigarette?

In the answer we have to use “CI” + the direct pronouns (lo; la; li; le) and “CI” becomes  “CE”:  

Sì, ce l’ho! –> Yes, I have

But  today I’ll focus on one of the most difficult  uses of “CI”.  It’s not actually difficult, but anyway you have to know and memorize  the right Italian preposition used after a verb. In fact “CI” sometimes takes  the place of a sentence  introduced by “a” or “su” or “con” or “in” (even though mostly  it takes the place of “a questo”), moreover “CI” is used  in some idiomatic phrases  e.g.

Ci puoi scommettere (or puoi scommetterci)!  –> You bet!

Ci sono! = ho capito –>  I’ve got it! (I have understood)

Io ci sto!  –>  Count me in!

Contaci! –>  Count on it!/Bank on it!

  • Here I would like to give you some examples of “CI” when takes the place of the prepositions “CON” or “A”   …  [read more]

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Italian survival vademecum

Posted by Monica Corrias on March 15, 2009

Ciao!   Last week David wrote me: “I am travelling to Italy this summer with my family. How does your “blog” help me with basic touristic Italian? Pronunciation?”

If you need just a phrasebook and a piece of information, you will be better to read the blog “Phrasebook“. Here I wrote some useful sentences and I posted information about basic Italian.

I usually teach at school, so I prefer to explain students grammar rules and then to practise with them grammar information in a natural context, but I can also teach in different situations.  Sometimes I help tourists  to learn the basic Italian to order something to eat or something to drink or else; now I can also teach by Skype. Therefore, if you need an experienced Italian language teacher or if you want a tutor,  e-mail me! I am accustomed to teach Italian at every language level!

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