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Do you need to learn Italian?

Posted by Monica Corrias on February 28, 2010

Are you planning to go to Italy? Do you like to learn Italian in Rome? Or do you love learning Italian overseas, but unfortunately you  don’t have the opportunity to spend an amount of time abroad?

Maybe I can help you!

If you really love to learn Italian, you have to know the main thing: you need an Italian teacher with “know how” and experience.  I teach on line, but unfortunately I know that on line lessons are no substitute for someone to talk and listen to you, because you need to speak with a native speaker in a natural way. As you probably know, I  teach in an Italian language school in Rome specialized in teaching Italian to foreigners and also I’m used teaching as freelance (at my home or walking around Rome, one of the most beautiful and ancient cities around the world). When I teach the lessons I’m used to speaking Italian with my students and we talk about things students are interested in and also we like to joke, therefore the lessons are fun and easy.

I use the Italian language to communicate with my students and vice versa because this forces the students to be resourceful to understand what I tell them. The purpose is to communicate, not just to do an academic exercise, so the students can improve them vocabulary and comprehension and it works for sure!

As you know I have created this blog to help students who cannot go to Italy, to enjoy their learning of Italian language online, so now I’ll give you some tips and links:

First of all, I suggest that you spend some time every day listening to Italian songs or podcast or videos to improve your listening skills and your confidence in Italian language. I am sure: slowly but definitely, your confidence will grow up.

Be quiet and do not  be distracted by only one part of the meaning (and therefore miss the important part): you have to try to understand the general meaning (and guess the other section).

In addition to this, when you are studying Italian avoid the temptation to make absolute comparisons to English or other different languages.

Look at these links:




Italian classes

Wordreference (thousands more terms that are not included in the main dictionary can be found in the WordReference Italian-English forum questions and answers. If you still can not find a term, then you can ask in the forums where many native English and Italian speakers from around the world love assisting others to find the right translation)

Youtube Italia

But remember: the main focus is “to practise“!

If you need an experienced Italian language teacher email me!

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Come to Rome and enjoy Italian culture

Posted by Monica Corrias on April 13, 2008

Ciao, why come to Rome? As you know there are a lot of good reasons to come here, first of all the opportunity to cultural exchange in a city steeped in history and culture. Now there is a new good occasion: from April 4th to May 25th the “FotoGrafia-Rome’s International Festival” seventh edition, titled “Seeing normality. Photography portrays daily life” and sponsored by the Municipality of Rome.
If you like photography and you want to visit Rome important museum, I suggest you don’t miss this opportunity! There are many free exhibitions of Italian and international photographers around the city and you could speak and listen to Italian.

– In the meanwhile, to improve your Italian I posted a new piece of information about Italian future tense [click here]

and some links to listen to Italian songs using the future tense: “Un senso” di Vasco Rossi; “Meravigliosa creatura” di Gianna Nannini; “Oh che sarà” di Ivano Fossati con Fiorella Mannoia; “Un altro mare” dei Tiromancino; “Ti insegnerò” di Povia

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Italian language school in Rome

Posted by Monica Corrias on April 12, 2008

Are you planning to go to Italy? Do you like to learn Italian in Rome?

Ciao Italia language school offers 20% discount for new students on Italian language courses starting on 5th May and 19th May in Standard Group Courses include 4-hour per day (more than 3 students) or 3-hour per day (less than 4 students).

Ciao Italia language school is open year round and offers courses for all levels from beginners to advanced.

Standard Group Courses include 4-hour per day (more than 3 students) or 3-hour per day (less than 4 students) intensive course, from Monday to Friday, for 2 weeks minimum (each lesson lasts 55 minutes).

Click here to compare to the usual prices.

una delle classi di settembre

If you are interested, please contact the secretary’s office, but mention me or this blog as your referrer (don’t miss out on this opportunity!).

The secretary office will find you a convenient suitable apartment near the school in the characteristic district of Monti, within walking distance of the Colosseum, the Fori, and the Central Railway Station.

Accommodation can be booked only for the duration of the course mail: info@ciao-italia.it

Ciao, a presto!



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