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Basic Italian

A1 and A2 Italian language levels (for beginner and elementary classes of Italian language)

Please, when you are studying Italian avoid the temptation to make absolute comparisons to English (or other languages). There are too many fundamental differences between the (two) languages, although there are many similarities . Moreover, listen to Italian songs and sing along with them, you’ll find the grammar and sense of the language will come in unawares.
  • Your first lesson   🙂 un breve (=short) testo su “c’è – ci sono”, sul genere (=gender) delle parole (=words) e sulla differenza tra plurale e singolare in italiano and the definite article
The 3 conjugations: -ARE; -ERE; -IRE (Present tense)
Some irregular verbs – present tense

Italian pronouns

Test 1 and Test 2 on Italian present tense and Italian pronouns

Some prepositions


Italian “Passato Prossimo”


2 Responses to “Basic Italian”

  1. nicolasdon said

    Kindly help me with these new phrases:

    1 Lo Voglio fare adesso,perche non la tempo domani.

    2. lo voglio comprare se non e caro.

    3.Puo dirmi perche mi non sento bene oggi?



    • Monica Corrias said

      Ciao Nick, figurati!
      ecco le correzioni:
      1- Lo/la voglio fare adesso perché domani non HO/avrò tempo
      2- ok
      3- Puoi dirmi perché oggi non mi sento bene?

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