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Future tense – when use it

In Italian we have two type of future: the “futuro (semplice)” and the “futuro anteriore (o composto).

Today I’ll speak about the “futuro semplice”: look at the conjugation.

Il futuro semplice is used to express actions or situation which happen in a future moment, of course 🙂 , but in every day speech we use the present tense and the time expression is very important to explain that we are talking about a future action.

  • Carefully: We cannot use the progressive form to express the future!
Paolo torna domani (con il presente) (literally) Paolo comes back tomorrow;Paolo is coming back tomorrow
Paolo tornerà domani (con il futuro)
Che fai domani sera? (con il presente) (literally) What do you do tomorrow evening?What are you doing tomorrow evening?
Che farai domani sera? (con il futuro)


  • When we have a formal talk or we are talking about our program or timetable or agenda we use the future.


Domani alle 10:30 sarà a Milano At 10:30 a.m. tomorrow, he will be in Milan
Alla fine di marzo partirò per Milano At the end of march I will leave for Milan


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