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Archive for the ‘Italian for beginners’ Category

learn Italian speaking Italian

Posted by Monica Corrias on August 31, 2008

Ciao a tutti,

I know, it can be difficult and frustrating to learn Italian as second language or foreign language and I dislike such frustration.

I teach on line, but unfortunatley I know that on line lessons are no substitute for someone to talk and listen to you, because you need to speak with a native speaker in a natural way.

If you really love to learn Italian, you have to know the main thing: you need an Italian teacher with “know how” and experience.

I also teach in an Italian language school in Rome that specialises in small groups and one-to-one lessons. I teach the lessons in Italian and I usually joke with my students, therefore the lessons are not frustrating, but funny, and we talk about things students are interested in.

I use the Italian language to communicate with my students and vice versa, this forces the students to be resourceful to understand what I tell them. The purpose is to communicate, not just to do an academic exercise, so the students can improve them vocabulary and comprehension and it works for sure!

I have created this blog to help students to have more fun studying for their basic Italian, here you can find useful tips. An useful piece of basic grammar information about ” le tre (=3) coniugazioni italiane” is on line, and you can read it on page “Italian classes”, but before, read the dialogue and try to understand the general meaning. I suggest listening to Italian songs to improve your listening skill and your confidence in Italian language. I often use Jovanotti’s songs because his pronunciation is clear. Here you can find one song to to improve your listen skill and your confidence with interrogative form. [clik here for song and lyrics]

Please be careful, when you are studying Italian avoid the temptation to make absolute comparisons to English. I am sorry but, although there are many similarities (many Italian words look like English words and have similar meanings: there are only differences in spelling), there are too many fundamental differences between the two languages.

Have fun and enjoy Italian! 🙂


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Practice your Italian: exercises and music

Posted by Monica Corrias on December 28, 2007

Ciao, today is a little cold and I fell better and ready to help you to study Italian prepositions!
You could share this classes about Italian language and grammar, but please respect the common license.
Today I’d like to give you 3 exercises on prepositions, is a little pack of Italian grammar exercises designed to reinforce the work done in the classroom; the exercises of varying difficulty can be used with beginners through to intermediate students. Answer keys are also provided.

Here are the links:
Preposition (grammar points):

Italian place/space prepositions; Italian “locuzioni”:some improper prepositions; Italian prepositions with definite article

Exercise 01; Exercise 02; Exercise 03

(Ideally, you would not have to study grammar points, therefore is extremely useful to listen to the radio and Italian songs), anyway …

Finally I posted a very nice song by Jovanotti, the title is “Chissà se stai dormendo” , you should listen carefully the typically Italian daily pronunciation (you can read the lyric and listen to this song so you improve your skills to listen to Italian). Enjoy this Italian song.


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Italian modal verbs: how can I use it?

Posted by Monica Corrias on April 28, 2007

How can I say in Italian:

  • Can you repeat that, please?”  You have to say: ” Puoi ripetere, per favore?”

and also,

  • “I’m not able to come” = non posso venire
  • “This evening I have to work and I can‘t go out” = Questa sera devo lavorare e non posso uscire
  • Can you help me?” = “Puoi aiutarmi?

To say these sentences  you need the Italian verbs “potere” and “dovere”.

I posted some useful sentences for you with Italian verbs  “Dovere“,”Volere” and “Potere” in the blog-page “Classes“.

Potere, Dovere e Volere are modal verbs and usually they are used before a verb in the infinitive.

I hope you are happy to study and learn Italian language on line.

Take care and have a good time!

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