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Language Lovers 2012 competition

Posted by Monica Corrias on May 24, 2012

The Top 100 Language Lovers 2012 competition is about to break another record. This year, we received 935 nominations, again more than last year! For each of the four categories, we selected 100 blogs (200 for the Language Learning blogs), Facebook pages, and Twitter accounts to proceed to the voting phase.

Your blog learn Italian language (https://ciaoitaliablog.wordpress.com/) has been included for voting in the language learning blogs category.


50% of the final score will be based on user votes. You can promote your blog by embedding the following voting button on your page. Add the code below to a blog post so that your readers can directly vote for you: Vote the Top 100 Language Learning Blogs 2012


The voting phase started on May 15th, and ends on May 28th,23:59 hours German time. Read more about the voting phase here:


The results will be published on May 31st.

Good luck! Stefanie

2 Responses to “Language Lovers 2012 competition”

  1. ishi said

    ciao Maria 🙂
    Come stai??

    i want to ask something from you and your advice indeed can prove to be a lifesaver for me.. so please do reply asap.

    Actually i’m done with 4 levels of Italian language, and i now want to work with companies as an Italian linguist. but the problem is most of the jobs are that into translation, not that i don’t want to do them but i just am not able to. Every time i attempt a test, I am just not able to clear that test, have attempted quite a few till now, some of them were tough, some of them seemed too easy, still i just couldn’t clear any of them. Please help me as to how should i go for it?
    I want to do translations from Italian to English and vice-versa.
    Please help me with some translation tips, for travel processes etc.. what all should i keep in mind. I have never studied translation in any of the courses. So, please help me i really don’t ever want to leave Italian and just want to make my career out of Italian only. Please help
    Ti voglio bene,


    • Monica Corrias said

      Ciao Ishi,
      mi dispiace, ma io non sono un esperta in traduzioni e non insegno a chi vuole diventare traduttore. Forse, però, ti posso dare un paio di consigli: perché non cominci a scrivere in italiano quando scrivi un commento? Come ben saprai, il livello di lingua che hanno i traduttori è molto alto e devi esercitarti il più possibile. Una seconda cosa, perché non cerchi un corso specifico per traduttori?

      Spero tu possa trovare qualcuno che ti aiuti e possa raggiungere i tuoi obiettivi.

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