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Do you have some doubts about Italian grammar?

Posted by Monica on March 6, 2011

I’m here to help you with this doubts about Italian grammar.

Adam wrote to me:

“Dear Mrs Monica

I would greatly appreciate it if you could provide me with some information on translations of italian grammar. I have got 6 questions.

1.When does preposition “da” mean “to” and when “from”? How can I know it?

2.How looks this sentence in italian “I did it saying, that it would happen like this”? How can we make these participles?

3.When is used “Si passivante” and when “si impersonale”?

4.When do we use “essere” and when “venire” to make passive voice?

5.When do we use I pronomi personali complemento le forme toniche and when forme atone?

6.When adjectives are before noun and when afterwards?”

and then he wrote back:

“Thank You!

I have got yet 5 questions

1.How looks final clause with one subject and how with 2 other subjects in italian?Examples:

a) “I play the violin that I may enjoy myself”

b)”I bought a book so that Tom could read it”

2.Why italian language has not verbs “should” “ought”? Hoy can we speak/write in italian “I should do it”?

3.On ticket 2 prepositions “di” and “da” were. On the ticket “di” meant “from” and “da” meant “to”. How is it impossible?

4.How looks sentence with some different adjectives defineing one noun. Where are they in sentence? Before or after noun?

5.When do we use da and when dal, dallo, dall’, dalla?

Yours faithfully”

[See my 2 reply]

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