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The Italian Absolute superlative: learn an easy and nice way to say it

Posted by Monica Corrias on January 14, 2011

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In Italian, superlatives (express the quality in a higher grade) are usually formed by adding the suffix –issimo (or –issima; -issimi; -issime) to an adjective. As you know adjectives in Italian must agree in gender (masculine or feminine) and number (singular or plural) with the noun.

An other way to express the absolute are terms like “molto” , “assai” (very) or “estremamente” (extremely), but they are used before the unchanged adjective:

bello = beautiful: bellissimo/a/i/e or molto bello (very beautiful)
veloce = fast: velocissimo/a/i/e or molto/estremamente veloce (very fast)
utile = useful: utilissimo/a/i/e or molto/estremamente utile(extremely useful)

Moreover this can be expressed in several ways:

a realy nice way is repeating the adjective (or the adverb). Watch Beningni’s movie :-):

Other ways are:

By using the prefix arci-; stra-; super-; extra-; mega-; ultra- or maxi
By using expressions such as “stanco morto” (dead tired); “ricco sfondato” (filthy rich) and “ubriaco fradicio” (very drunk); …

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5 Responses to “The Italian Absolute superlative: learn an easy and nice way to say it”

  1. Andy said

    Thank you Monica! As usual very useful and interesting.

  2. faza said


  3. Monica said

    Stamattina ero di corsa, così non ho ringraziato Nicoletta Santeusanio da cui ho preso l’idea di associare questo spezzone di “La vita è bella” agli aggettivi ripetuti. Lo faccio adesso, ricordando anche l’interessante e piacevole corso da lei tenuto qui a Roma 🙂

  4. sayings said


    The Italian Absolute superlative: learn an easy and nice way to say it « learn Italian language…

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