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Learn Italian subjunctive

Posted by Monica on November 18, 2010

How must I use  Italian subjunctive tenses  and how do subordinate (=dependent) clauses work?

A dependent clause is a clause which adds more information to a sentence and  in Italian usually is after the conjunction “che”

The subjunctive mood is generally used in subordinate clauses, when we don’t speak about real facts, but we express personal opinions, personal wishes, personal willingness or orders etc…

Which tense must I use?  It depends on the verb of the main (= independent) clause!

Have a look at these pages:

La concordanza dei tempi 1) e la concordanza dei tempi 2)

And have fun:

watch and listen to these videos (and read the lyrics)!

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learn Italian through songs

Posted by Monica Corrias on November 1, 2010

Un po’ di musica? 🙂 Listen many times to the song and try to sing the song. In this site you will find Italian Idioms, Italian songs (with the words) and some free Italian grammar lessons in order to help you learn Italian better. Click the categories you need and learn the right Italian for you. If you are in Rome, for any other Italian language instruction – tuition, email me!

Read the lyrics

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