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Improve your Italian with fun

Posted by Monica on October 10, 2010

An Italian song to improve your Italian listening and pronunciation skills:

Click on the youtube link:

The grammar you can see here is the Italian present continuous + simple present tense and second conditional (= Italian periodo ipotetico di secondo tipo)

After watching this video do the exercise to improve your skills [click here]

2 Responses to “Improve your Italian with fun”

  1. Graham Fisher said

    I listened to your Italian with great pleasure.
    I am only beginning so feel lost at times, so I would appreciate some basics. Do you have any Italian scenarios with English sub-titles.
    Ciao Grazie,

    • Monica said

      Ciao Graham, scusa l’attesa.
      Purtroppo non ho niente con i sottotitoli, ma sto provando a capire come fare per aiutarti.

      Non ti sentire persa (don’t feel lost!) e continua a provare. La calma e l’ascolto aiutano a capire e a imparare.


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