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Archive for August, 2010

Do you need some help with Italian expressions?

Posted by Monica Corrias on August 22, 2010

More Italian language expressions to improve your Italian easily and funny. These expressions are really common:


avere le mani legate


alzare il gomito


essere a piede libero


essere fuori di testa






Complete these sentences with the words above:

  1. Anche se ha rubato  quei soldi è ancora a  ___________________
  2. Non mi può aiutare perché ha le __________________
  3. Secondo me è _________________ da quando la moglie  l’ ha lasciato
  4. I ragazzi ieri sera, alla festa di fine anno, ________________

Do you need some help?   Here is it:

A piede libero = out of jail
Alzare il gomito = to drink too much; gomito = elbow
Avere le mani legate = to have one’s hands tied
Fuori di Testa = Out of your mind

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  4. people and food part C

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If you need an experienced Italian language teacher email me! I’m available for Italian instruction in Rome.

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How to improve Italian reading skill

Posted by Monica Corrias on August 18, 2010

Hi, today I’ll post an article and some exercises to help upper-intermediate and advance Italian language level students to improve their reading skill.

I think the best way to improve your confidence and fluency in reading is to find more opportunities to read texts searching Italian newspapers or magazines on-line.  After the reading you have to practice doing some exercises to memorize vocabulary and to think about the subject.
I can give you an example.

Yesterday, during my lesson, I used this article and these exercises (with solution, but only for you), and then we discussed about the article. Today I gave my students a “cloze” to reinforce more effectively some vocabulary on that specific contest.

Spero vi possa essere utile.

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How can I say “on holiday” in Italian? The Italian preposition “IN”

Posted by Monica Corrias on August 15, 2010

Elementary language level – Italian language tips by Monica Corrias – Learn Italian with me

Are you on holiday in Italy? (= Sei in vacanza in Italia?) Would you like to know how to use the Italian preposition “IN”?  Here are some tips for you.

The Italian preposition  “IN” (= in/to/at/into/within):  some uses (not all)

Space/Place: indicates direction or position.  The place, the country, or the region  where I am or where I’m going to: to indicate the State (in Italy; in France, but NEGLI Stati Uniti), the Continent (in Europe; in America) or “Region” (in Tuscany; in Sicily), but remember we say “A” + name of city (A Roma, not in Rome!)

I always go to the country or to the hill on holiday:  I have never been to the seaside = Vado sempre IN vacanza IN campagna o IN montagna:  non sono mai stato  AL mare (be careful: AL mare)

We are going to France on holiday  = Andremo IN vacanza IN Francia  (be careful, we say IN vacanza)


In summer I go to Italy = IN estate vado IN Italia

I went to Sicily in 2008 = Sono andato IN Sicilia NEL (IN + IL = NEL) 2008

Means of transport:

We came by airplane/by train/by car/by bike = Siamo venuti IN aereo/ IN treno/IN macchina/IN bici

We go for a drive = Andiamo a fare un giro IN macchina

Now read the text:

Sono venuto IN Italia IN vacanza A Roma perché le mie ferie sono sempre IN estate e Roma è una città molto bella e piena DI cose interessanti e divertenti. IN settembre, però,  devo andare NEGLI Stati Uniti A New York per lavoro. Poi IN ottobre vado IN Canada e subito dopo IN Australia, sempre per lavoro. Finalmente IN dicembre sarò nuovamente IN vacanza e andrò A Parigi IN macchina e resterò a casa DI alcuni amici per  dieci giorni. Il mio lavoro è faticoso perché viaggio molto IN aereo, ma fortunatamente ho molti giorni DI vacanza, così posso viaggiare IN treno o IN macchina e incontrare i miei amici IN Europa.


When you are studying Italian avoid the temptation to make absolute comparisons to English (or other languages). There are too many fundamental differences between the (two) languages, although there are many similarities.

If you need Italian instruction,  email me!

I’m an experienced Italian language teacher.

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Summer holiday in Italy enjoying Rome

Posted by Monica on August 8, 2010

Hi everyone, how are you?

I have come back 🙂  and you?  Are you spending your summer holiday in Rome learning Italian?

As you know, all around the year wandering in Rome is a constant voyage of discovery, but Rome in summer is wonderful: Roman citizens and tourists from all over the world can enjoy the famous summer festival in Rome called “Estate Romana” (= Roman Summer). It is not a real festival but rather a combination of multiple festivals with some running well into September.

Maybe you don’t know the Rome’s official web site where you could find piece of information about Rome events.

Here is it:  http://www.romaturismo.it/

If you can understand Italian I suggest “Wine and food Film festival”: a good chance to listen to Italian and to practice it before the film


But the “Roman Summer” is not only culture. It is also fitness:
“Mondofitness” -World Fitness
From 09/06/2010 to 16/09/2010

An exciting 30,000 sq.m. open-air gym with top instructors and ultra-modern equipment:   http://www.mondofitness-roma.it/

For further information about Rome  http://www.060608.it/en

In the next post I am going to teach you Italian 🙂

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