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Italian preposition: A

Posted by Monica Corrias on May 3, 2010

elementary level – Italian language tips by Monica Corrias

The Italian preposition “A” (= to): some Italian’s uses (not all)
Space/Place: indicates direction or position. The place where I am or where I’m going to (look at this page and learn the place preposition):

Vado/sto andando A Roma =I am going to Rome;  Sono A Roma = I am in Rome; Sono A casa = I am at home; Vado/Sto andando A casa = I am going home; Vado/sto andando AL (A+IL = AL) bar = I am going to the bar;

Destination: introduces an indirect object of the verb:

Dai questa foto AI (A+I = AI) miei genitori = Give this photo to my parents; Scriverò un’email A mio fratello = I’ll write an email to my brother;

Time: in some tome expressions, it indicates a moment:
ALLE cinque = At five o’clock;  A mezzanotte = at midnight;  A Natale = at Christmas;  A dopo =  see you later

In combination with some verbs: to begin to; to try to
Questa sera comincio A studiare italiano = I’m beginning to learn Italian this evening ; Sto provando A studiare, ma non ci riesco = I’m trying to study but I can’t

Click and have a look at the “A” preposition + definite articles

Click and do the exercise 🙂

Click and learn some improper prepositions 😉

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  1. Language stand said

    As a language teacher I have observed that the most difficult use of articles is in italian and german. You really have to work hard to grasp the concept if you are not a native italian speaker.

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