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Italian preposition: DI

Posted by Monica on March 24, 2010

elementary Italian level

The Italian preposition “DI “ (=of) have different meanings:


Space/Place: indicates the origin and we usually use it with the verb “to be”= “essere” — Sono DI Monza = I am from Monza (You have to say the name of the town)

Specifying/Possessive : Questo è il  libro DI Paolo = This  is Paolo’s book;  Luca è il figlio DI Maria = Luca is Maria’s son

Material/Contenent: Un maglione DI cashmere = A cashmere sweater/ A sweater of cashmere ; Una bicchiere DI vino = A glass of wine

Partitive: indicates a part or an indefinite quantity (prepositions + definite article): — Uno DI noi = one of us ; DEI bambini= some children; DEGLI studenti= some students; Vorrei DEL pane = I’d like some bread

Conparison: Maria è più alta DI me = Maria is taller than me

In combination with some verbs: “Finisco DI” Non hai ancora finito DI leggere quell libro? = Have you finished reading that book yet?

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One Response to “Italian preposition: DI”

  1. yearlyglot said

    This is a great, simple look at the use of single word. Very handy!

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