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Archive for March, 2009

Italian reflexive verbs: chiedere o chiedersi?

Posted by Monica Corrias on March 23, 2009


As you know, reflexive verbs (look at the lesson) have the same conjugations as verbs ending in -are, -ere, -ire, but we have to put a reflexive pronoun before the verb. Generally the pronoun means “myself, yourself …”.

Usually, Italian pair reflexive/un-reflexive verbs (e.g. chiamare/chiamarsi); English corresponds (e.g. to call/to call oneself), so in Italian as in English we use only one verb. However there is a special situation: the verb “to ask” along with the verb “to wonder” is the Italian pair “chiedere/chiedersi”. If you use the verb “to ask” we use “chiedere” but if you say “to wonder” we say “chiedersi” (the reflexive of to ask).

e.g. Lui si sta ancora chiedendo come ciò è/sia potuto accadere = he’s still wondering how that could have happened

Mi chiedo se è/sia malata = I wonder whether she is ill

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Italian survival vademecum

Posted by Monica Corrias on March 15, 2009

Ciao!   Last week David wrote me: “I am travelling to Italy this summer with my family. How does your “blog” help me with basic touristic Italian? Pronunciation?”

If you need just a phrasebook and a piece of information, you will be better to read the blog “Phrasebook“. Here I wrote some useful sentences and I posted information about basic Italian.

I usually teach at school, so I prefer to explain students grammar rules and then to practise with them grammar information in a natural context, but I can also teach in different situations.  Sometimes I help tourists  to learn the basic Italian to order something to eat or something to drink or else; now I can also teach by Skype. Therefore, if you need an experienced Italian language teacher or if you want a tutor,  e-mail me! I am accustomed to teach Italian at every language level!

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