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Archive for February, 2009

How can I say good luck in Italian?

Posted by Monica Corrias on February 23, 2009

As you probably know, in Italian the traditional way to say “good luck” is not  only “Buona fortuna” (literally = good luck), but rather “In bocca al lupo!” –> similar to English “Break a legs!”

When someone says that to you, there is a traditional very important reply that you are expected to give: “Crepi!” or “Crepi il lupo!

Today I would like to say “In bocca al lupo!”  to the students that are visiting Italy for them first time and that  should speak Italian. 

First of all I suggest learning Italian on the page “Italian classes”, but the most important hint is to try to get to know Italian people!  Remember that the purpose is to communicate, not just to do some academic exercises and you need to have conversation in Italian: the main focus is “to practise“!

I wrote some expressions – but only in Italian 😦  –  to accept an invitation or to refuse an invitation.

And remember the proverb:   Chi trova un amico, trova un tesoro!  =  Whoever finds a friend finds a treasure!

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Thank you very much 🙂 and say me “in bocca al lupo!”

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