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Learn Italian using the songs

Posted by Monica on January 18, 2009

Ciao, I realized I didn’t post any Lucio Battisti’s songs before … and that is incredible!

Battisti “is considered one of the best and most influential musicians and authors in Italian pop musics” [more in wikipedia] so… here is a song “I giardini di marzo” where all of you can listen to Italian imperfetto and beautiful lyrics .

Buon ascolto!

3 Responses to “Learn Italian using the songs”

  1. YA! It’s a great song. In front of this I don’t think British song’s are good.
    Good Day

    • Renate said

      I really love this song, but I love British song’s too.
      Unfortunately I am not able to learn Italian with British songs 😉


  2. maria aldana said

    i klove italian language

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