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Archive for December, 2008

how do you say Happy New Year in Italian?

Posted by Monica Corrias on December 31, 2008


Felice Anno Nuovo! (=Happy New Year!)  ovunque voi siate e qualunque lingua parliate … Buon Anno (= Have a good/happy new year)!

Happy New Year! (inglese)
¡PROSPERO AÑO NUEVO! o Feliz Ano Nuevo! (spagnolo)
Gutes Neues Jahr! (tedesco)
Bonne année! (francese)
Gelukkige nieuwjaar (olandese)
Godt nytår! (danese)
Szczesliwego Nowego roku! (polacco)
Novym Godom! (russo)
kainourgios chronos! (greco)
Akemashite Omedetou (giapponese)


Insomma… BUON ANNO!  FELICE 2009!

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How to invite someone to do something

Posted by Monica Corrias on December 20, 2008

Ciao a tutti,
I wrote for you a piece of information to help you to ask someone to go somewhere or to do something, but I also wrote some expressions to accept an invitation or to refuse an invitation.
I hope it will be useful for you to make new Italian friends and go out with them!

And remember this proverb:   Chi trova un amico, trova un tesoro!  =  Whoever finds a friend finds a treasure

[Read the page: Come invitare qualcuno e come accettare o rifiutare un invito]

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