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Posted by Monica Corrias on August 31, 2008

Ciao a tutti,

I know, it can be difficult and frustrating to learn Italian as second language or foreign language and I dislike such frustration.

I teach on line, but unfortunatley I know that on line lessons are no substitute for someone to talk and listen to you, because you need to speak with a native speaker in a natural way.

If you really love to learn Italian, you have to know the main thing: you need an Italian teacher with “know how” and experience.

I also teach in an Italian language school in Rome that specialises in small groups and one-to-one lessons. I teach the lessons in Italian and I usually joke with my students, therefore the lessons are not frustrating, but funny, and we talk about things students are interested in.

I use the Italian language to communicate with my students and vice versa, this forces the students to be resourceful to understand what I tell them. The purpose is to communicate, not just to do an academic exercise, so the students can improve them vocabulary and comprehension and it works for sure!

I have created this blog to help students to have more fun studying for their basic Italian, here you can find useful tips. An useful piece of basic grammar information about ” le tre (=3) coniugazioni italiane” is on line, and you can read it on page “Italian classes”, but before, read the dialogue and try to understand the general meaning. I suggest listening to Italian songs to improve your listening skill and your confidence in Italian language. I often use Jovanotti’s songs because his pronunciation is clear. Here you can find one song to to improve your listen skill and your confidence with interrogative form. [clik here for song and lyrics]

Please be careful, when you are studying Italian avoid the temptation to make absolute comparisons to English. I am sorry but, although there are many similarities (many Italian words look like English words and have similar meanings: there are only differences in spelling), there are too many fundamental differences between the two languages.

Have fun and enjoy Italian! 🙂


2 Responses to “learn Italian speaking Italian”

  1. Cheryl said

    I am recently taking a class of italian. Yes, I do recognise some words. but the point is that my speaking and listening skill are still bad. Could you kindly advise me how to improve my speaking and listening.

    Thanks & regards!

  2. Monica said

    Ciao Cheryl, here is my reply:
    Improve speaking and listening skills

    Divertiti! (= enjoy yourself!)

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