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Learn Italian calendar: Ferragosto an Italian holiday!

Posted by Monica on August 16, 2008

[read in Italian- leggi in italiano]

What is the meaning of Ferragosto? The 15th August is called “Ferragosto” from Latin “Feriae Augusti” = “the rest of August”, in honor of Octavian Augustus (from which derives the name of the month August). “Ferragosto” has ancient origins: it was a day off, the time for resting and thanksgiving for the fruits received from the ground but in 18BC were called “Feriae Augusti”. On “Ferragosto” the workers had the rest and used to receive a tip from the master.
After the fall of Roman Empire the Church transformed the Ferragosto, it became the “Assunzione” (the Assumption, one of the dogmas of Catholicism).
Keep in mind, when a holiday falls on a Tuesday or Thursday, most of Italians “fanno il ponte” (literally, they make a bridge), or make a four-day holiday, by taking off the intervening Monday or Friday.

Buon ponte di Ferragosto!

3 Responses to “Learn Italian calendar: Ferragosto an Italian holiday!”

  1. Susan said

    Very helpful site! 🙂

  2. tanya25m said

    Interesting site!! We also celebrated Ferragosto in Goa, India this year… 🙂 Check out this post on my blog… http://thebookofmydays.com/2008/08/22/ferragosto-in-goa/

  3. cibu said

    very much helpful…

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