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new toy to have fun with :-)

Posted by Monica on May 29, 2008

Ciao, have you noticed the new flags counter on the left sidebar?

There are the flags of your nations and, if you click on, you can also read the basic information about each country. I really like the possibility that people learn a little piece of information about the other countries, as we do in every multi-language class. We can meet here on “Learn Italian language” and create a virtual Italian language class 🙂

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Rome International Literature Festival 2008 – VII edition

Posted by Monica on May 20, 2008

Festival Internazionale di Roma

Do you love literature? Yes?


The free International Literature Festival is here in Rome again, it will be from 20 May to 19 June, and again, it will be place in the amazing location of the “Basilica di Massenzio”. The subject of this year is “Parola, Silenzio” = “Word, Silence” and there will be 36 international authors, but also musicians and actors.

The events begin at 21p.m. the entrance is in Clivio di Venere Felice, but you must to take the free ticket at the ticket office in Via dei Fori Imperiali (for more information: + 39 06 06 08 or +39 06 06 06)

Look at the program …

Enjoy it!

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Italian conditional clauses

Posted by Monica Corrias on May 18, 2008

The Italian “periodo ipotetico” (conditional clauses or hypothetical phrases) is the last lesson that I posted.

The most common Italian “periodo ipotetico” is used to talk about something that might happen or to talk about conditions very improbable (but possible): it is named “periodo ipotetico di II tipo o della possibilità” and it is very useful.

Here is some examples:

Se fossi ricca mi comprerei un appartamento nel centro di Roma e poi farei il giro del mondo.

Se fossi al tuo posto (= If I were you) studierei italiano a Roma.

Se avessi il suo numero di telefono lo chiamerei subito.

di fronte all'isola madre

Se potessi vivrei al mare (qui) e mi comprerei questa barca 😉

Naturalmente nelle pagine troverete tutti i tipi di periodo ipotetico e, se aspetterete qualche giorno, vi inserirò qualche esercizio e qualche canzone utile.

Intanto, però, studiate qui il congiuntivo imperfetto

e il congiuntivo trapassato.

Buono studio e buon lavoro

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Italian tiramisù: a tipical Italian dessert

Posted by Monica on May 4, 2008

Last week Susan, a student of mine who lives here in Rome, made a “tiramisù”, so I have realized that you don’t have my tiramisù recipe.

I wrote for you the recipes (in Italian and in English). In Italian I wrote it in second person (= you singular), but I also used imperative, pronouns and a subjuntive, so you can practise a little bit of Italian.

The recipe is on “Italian recipes” page, try it and enjoy it!

Take care 😉

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