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Come to Rome and enjoy Italian culture

Posted by Monica Corrias on April 13, 2008

Ciao, why come to Rome? As you know there are a lot of good reasons to come here, first of all the opportunity to cultural exchange in a city steeped in history and culture. Now there is a new good occasion: from April 4th to May 25th the “FotoGrafia-Rome’s International Festival” seventh edition, titled “Seeing normality. Photography portrays daily life” and sponsored by the Municipality of Rome.
If you like photography and you want to visit Rome important museum, I suggest you don’t miss this opportunity! There are many free exhibitions of Italian and international photographers around the city and you could speak and listen to Italian.

– In the meanwhile, to improve your Italian I posted a new piece of information about Italian future tense [click here]

and some links to listen to Italian songs using the future tense: “Un senso” di Vasco Rossi; “Meravigliosa creatura” di Gianna Nannini; “Oh che sarà” di Ivano Fossati con Fiorella Mannoia; “Un altro mare” dei Tiromancino; “Ti insegnerò” di Povia

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