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Italian future with songs and videos

Posted by Monica Corrias on March 17, 2008

\ . .Questa estate andrò al mare, nello stesso posto in cui (= dove) sono già stata 2 anni fa. Bel modo di pensare al futuro e alla grammatica italiana, no?

.. Ogni tanto inserirò una foto, così potrete conoscere meglio questo posto meraviglioso.

Hi, I’m here again!

How are you? I’m fine now.

Here in Rome is a sunny day and I’m thinking of writing a new piece of information about Italian grammar. In fact, if you are considering to come to Italy during summer holidays, you could start to learn Italian here on line. So, in summer you’ll be sure to study easier and in a relaxing way, practicing what you learn here with me and in the classroom at school, and you’ll enjoy the afternoons and the nights in Italy.

An advice: “don’t miss out on this opportunity!”

Let’s study now! What about future tense?
Of course you could say “Why?”
Good questions! As you know, in every-day life we usually prefer to use present tense instead of future tense, but we also use the future. I’ll tell you how!

But first I suggest you to look at the conjugation

Then I’ll explain to you how the future tense works.

Use the link to learn “il futuro” and to listen to Italian songs (and watch free music videos), that use this tense (search the links in the page “italian classes”).

Enjoy the lesson! Divertitevi!

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