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Learn Italian language and eat carbonara spaghetti

Posted by Monica Corrias on August 12, 2007

How are you today? Ciao, come state oggi?
How is your Italian language?
I know, you would not have to study only grammar but speak and live Italian, but since you do not live or study in Italy you have a few time to practice the language, therefore learning some basic grammatical structures speeds up the rate at which you improve your Italian.
It is extremely useful for you now to keep your Italian fresh by continuing to study it as well as use it.
I am sure your Italian skills will improve more if you have time to review and make note for it. But if you have got the time, why don’t make a good “Carbonara” pasta and study Italian grammar too?

(In Italian language, when we speak in general or we give direction we can use the infinitive or the imperative mood, but also we can use the Impersonal form, so here I used the Impersonal form)

You could even listen to Italian songs (new links are on page “classes”)
It is a very useful and good way to learn and practice Italian!

Take care, ciao e buon appetito

3 Responses to “Learn Italian language and eat carbonara spaghetti”

  1. sognatrice said

    So happy to see that you left out the cream in the carbonara–it’s so much better without it 🙂

  2. Barbara said

    When I was in Italy all the restuarants gave us too much food. Someone said to say “Basta” to the waiter so I won’t get anymore food. They told me “Basta” meant enough. Is this the correct word to use?

  3. Monica Corrias said

    Ciao Barbara, good question. “Basta” means “Stop!” but also “Enough”.
    If you need to say that it’s too much, or that you don’t like to have more food, you should say “è abbastanza” or (it would be better) “basta così, grazie”.

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