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Learn Italian “Passato prossimo”

Posted by Monica Corrias on July 14, 2007

How to learn Italian and speak Italian.
I think you should study Italian on my blog first, than learning grammar and listening carefully the pronunciation in the Italian songs and than you should buy a book that have CD or DVD included or look for a private teacher (a lot of Italian people live abroad and teach Italian).
Finally, after you have studied some Italian on your own, you should come to Italy for a studying vacation, to reinforce the work done in learning Italian grammar in your blog-classes, but also to improve your skills and find out the real Italian life.
I suggest you Rome because Roma, is a vibrant and lively city with reminders of its past everywhere, but Rome is also modern and there are many fine restaurants and cafes, good nightlife, and lively streets and squares where you can meet Italians but also students and friends from everywhere in the world. In this period, during the summer, in Rome there are music and cultural festivals (some free entrance) with dancing, music and food.
But not only in summer, also in every seasons Rome suits you (it is magic!)

Ma parliamo italiano!
Ho inserito la lezione “Italian Passato prossimo” uno dei tempi più importanti per parlare con gli amici. Nella pagina “Italian classes” c’è anche un esercizio sul “Passato prossimo” se avete bisogno della soluzione scrivete e la inserirò.
Se potete, continuate ad ascoltare le canzoni italiane e la radio italiana. Vi consiglio di memorizzare una o 2 canzoni e di cantarle.

Buon fine-settimana e divertitevi! (= Have a good weekend and you all enjoy it!)


One Response to “Learn Italian “Passato prossimo””

  1. Maria do Carmo said

    I hope to understand and improving my basic Italian idiom…

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