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Learn Italian prepositions

Posted by Monica Corrias on July 8, 2007

Ciao, are you learning Italian language at the moment? (= stai imparando l’italiano?) Are you listening to Italian songs on line? (= stai ascoltando le canzoni italiane on line?) Are you eating Italian pasta? Are you enjoying Italian culture?

I teach Italian every day because I always work as a teacher at “Ciao Italia”, school of language in Rome. I am thinking about you and your grammar and comprehension skills. Of course, to improve your speaking skills you need an everyday amusing (=divertente) course in Italy where we teach in Italian language and we present language used in everyday situations to enjoy Italian life.

What about learning (=che ne dici/dite di imparare) a new little piece of grammar information on “Italian prepositions”.

What are you waiting for? (= Cosa stai/state aspettando?) Shall we start? (= iniziamo?)

Click on topic and enjoy your new lesson.

4 Responses to “Learn Italian prepositions”

  1. KimKim said

    I am learning italian. I would love to come and do a course at your school one day too. I’m adding your blog to my links.

  2. Monica Corrias said

    Thanks KimKim, I hope to be helpful enough with my blog. I will happy to meet you one day too.
    🙂 Ciao!

  3. cindyinatl said

    I am also happy to find your blog. I have just started to study Italian using a CD based course. I hope some day to study in Italy. I am 54 years old. It is never too late to learn!

    • Monica said

      Ciao! Sono felice di sapere che hai iniziato a studiare l’italiano. Ti auguro di venire presto in Italia.
      Buon divertimento e buono studio!

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