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Italian classes: reflexive verbs (2)

Posted by Monica Corrias on May 20, 2007

Hi, I am sorry, but I worked too much this week. In Italy the Italian language schools are very busy this month and the students are very friendly, but I though about you, and the complete lesson on “Italian reflexive verbs” is now on line. I posted the lesson in the blog-page “classes”.
And what about you? Are you learning Italian language? Are you improve your skills? Do you like to study Italian on web?
I think that Rome is great and speak Italian in Rome is an amazing experience: you should try that.

Ciao, a presto = bye, I see you soon

One Response to “Italian classes: reflexive verbs (2)”

  1. Dieter said

    Hallo Monica,
    I learned Italian only for 2 months one year ago. Now I’m back home in Germany again, but I want to learn this beautiful language properly. I think your website is very interesting. I’m sure it will be helpful 🙂

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