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Italian language courses in Rome

Posted by Monica Corrias on May 1, 2007

New courses are starting at “Ciao Italia” school.

The students will study in small groups of 2-12 with people of different nationalities who have a similar language level. The small size of the classes guarantees particular attention as well as a high quality of teaching
(each lesson lasts 55 minutes).

Standard Group Courses
4 hours a day (more than 3 students) or 3 hours a day (less than 4 students) intensive course, from Monday to Friday, for a minimum of 2 weeks. Each morning you will have two classes with two different teachers: the first one will focus on grammar and syntax whereas the second class will focus on conversation, reading, listening, writing and lexis . In about six months time the student will complete the programme, which will enable one to face the most varied communication functions.

Conversation Courses
2 hours a day (10 hours per week) of conversation (speaking, reading, listening, writing) in the Standard Course, for a minimum of 2 weeks. Current events, Italian culture, lifestyle, and other topics of interest will be discussed during the lessons.

Next starting dates

14th May (Only for not beginners)

28th May All Levels

11th June (Only for not beginners)

Standard (S2)

2 weeks

40 hours 345 Euro
Standard (S3)

3 weeks

60 hours 490 Euro
Standard (S4)

4 weeks

80 hours 610 Euro

20% discount on Italian language courses starting from 28th May

Accomodation service

mail: info@ciao-italia.it

4 Responses to “Italian language courses in Rome”

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  2. natia said

    sono natia di Goergia
    voglio studiare la lingua Italia in italy,perche parlo benne. come lei. che faccio?
    grazie per attenzione

  3. sonicrafter review said

    Thanks for sharing the information. I found the information extremely helpful.

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