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Archive for April, 2007

Literature Festival: video-art and literature free entrance

Posted by Monica Corrias on April 29, 2007

literature festivalLiterature Festival 

(18 May 2007 – 21 June 2007)

The great names in literature returns to the city’s atmospheric and to ancient “Basilica di Massenzio”. This edition of the festival is named “Close, far away – crossover”. This concept has been adopted by the writers as inspiration for pieces that they will perform in their own mother tongue.



venerdì 18 maggio ISABEL ALLENDE

martedì 22 maggio ISMAEL BEAH; RITA EL-KHAYAT




giovedì 7 giugno GIANCARLO DE CATALDO

martedì 12 giugno E. L. DOCTOROW; ROBERTO CALASSO


martedì 19 giugno SCOTT TUROWgiovedì 21 giugno VIKRAM CHANDRA; ROBERTO SAVIANO

Tourist information Service: +39 06 82059127

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Italian modal verbs: how can I use it?

Posted by Monica Corrias on April 28, 2007

How can I say in Italian:

  • Can you repeat that, please?”  You have to say: ” Puoi ripetere, per favore?”

and also,

  • “I’m not able to come” = non posso venire
  • “This evening I have to work and I can‘t go out” = Questa sera devo lavorare e non posso uscire
  • Can you help me?” = “Puoi aiutarmi?

To say these sentences  you need the Italian verbs “potere” and “dovere”.

I posted some useful sentences for you with Italian verbs  “Dovere“,”Volere” and “Potere” in the blog-page “Classes“.

Potere, Dovere e Volere are modal verbs and usually they are used before a verb in the infinitive.

I hope you are happy to study and learn Italian language on line.

Take care and have a good time!

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Finalmente capisco tutto!

Posted by Monica Corrias on April 22, 2007

Questa è la frase che ogni studente spera di dire prima possibile e che ogni insegnante spera di sentire al più presto.

 Ma … [continua]

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a new useful piece of grammar information

Posted by Monica Corrias on April 22, 2007

Ciao, if you are moving to Italy to study Italian or to work, I suggest you to start learning Italian in your country, because in every University or Italian language school we use the same methodology: teachers speak Italian, only Italian language!

The teachers, all native speakers, are highly qualified in the teaching of Italian as a second language. Each teacher uses the communicative approach with an analysis of grammatical structures and the language of daily life.

Yes, I know, a totally full immersion abroad, in a different language is a “little” frustrating, but don’t give up!

We teach you in Italian because it is very useful and you can learn Italian language, understand Italian speaking and replay to Italian people in 4 or 5 mounths.

Now I am here to help you: a new useful piece of grammar information about ” le tre (=3) coniugazioni italiane” is on line, and you can read it on blog page “classes”, but before, read the dialogue and try to understand the general meaning [click here].

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la pagina in italiano è ora attiva!

Posted by Monica Corrias on April 15, 2007


questa pagina vuole essere uno spazio per quelli che già conoscono l’italiano e possono essere interessati a continuare a mantenere i contatti con la lingua, con la cultura e … perché no, anche con me o con la scuola  in cui hanno imparato o perfezionato la lingua.  [segue]

Aspetto vostri commenti e suggerimenti.

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Learning italian: some irregular verbs

Posted by Monica Corrias on April 15, 2007

Ciao, come state? Are you ready to learn italian “verbo stare” and “verbo fare” ?

I posted a new lesson for you in the blogpage “classes”.

Nel post ho inserito come usiamo i due verbi, ma anche le loro coniugazioni. Spesso gli studenti di lingua inglese hanno qualche piccola difficoltà, quindi è molto importante capire subito l’uso italiano di “stare” e “fare” e memorizzare la loro coniugazione.  Buona lezione!

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The Week of Culture: country’s state museums for free

Posted by Monica Corrias on April 15, 2007

Week of Culture“Settimana della Cultura 2007” : as every year, the Week of Culture organised by the Ministry of Culture, is my favorite event in Rome and in all Italy. Not only country’s state museums and archaeological sites but also architecture, cinema, dance, music, painting and sculpture are for free for everyone.

The 2007 Week of Culture is from 05/12/2007 to 05/20/2007. I like to go in “Colosseo” or in “musei capitolini” without paying: it’s wonderfull! Information on events is available in italian language on the official website or you can phone to + 39 06 06 06, that is a multilanguage service.

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Learning Italian: verbo avere and first conjugation

Posted by Monica Corrias on April 11, 2007

Ciao, are you learning italian? In the page “classes” you can find new Italian grammar information. Study Italian and speak with Italian student in your country or come to Italy at Ciao Italia school !

Enjoy the lessons!

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Third lesson (a little note to the first lesson)

Posted by Monica Corrias on April 5, 2007


Here is your third Italian lesson on line: it is a little note to the first lesson.

It’s easy and you can start to study Italian language in 10 minutes a day, so if you are planning  a trip or moving to Italy, you will be happy to speak Italian.

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Dürer e l’Italia

Posted by Monica Corrias on April 1, 2007

Today I’d like to suggest you a beatiful exhibition, in vicinity of the school where I teach Italian for foreigners. I’m talking about “Dürer e l’Italia”, that is at the Scuderie del Quirinale’s Gallery.

It’s in a wonderful location of Rome, in front of the Palazzo del Quirinale (Quirinal Palace – official residence of the President of the Italian Republic) and near the Palazzo della Consulta. The three buildings, with the facing spacious square, where is an ancient obelisk, together make up a stunning urban space, with an amazing view on Rome’s roofs. 

The Scuderie del Quirinale was built over ten years, from 1722 to 1732, and it covers approximately 3000 square meters, over several floors. Wide-open spaces on the second and third floors house the exhibitions. A cafeteria is situated on the mezzanine level and a bookstore, a giftshop and special areas dedicated to exhibition-related initiatives are all on the ground floor.

The exhibition, Dürer e l’Italia (Dürer and Italy), curated by Kristina Herrmann Fiore, is the first to engage in an in-depth investigation of this extraordinary german artist’s complex relationship with Italy – a relationship marked by a profound, reciprocal influence.On one side, the show considers how much Dürer was deeply affected by the great Italian art, as demonstrated by his painting exhibited alongside works by Leonardo, Mantegna, Giovanni Bellini, Pollaiolo….On the other side, it shows how Italian artists in turn felt his influence: Pontormo, Raffaello, the Carracci, Caravaggio and his followers.

The exhibition will run until June 10th.  

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